Frances Dowell Story



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I wrote a story called The Fall. I have been working on that story for months now and finally finished it. I got some tips from Frances Dowell HERSELF that helped me a lot throughout my story.


Have sticks and stones. That means have a big problem and some small tiny problems

Don’t tell the reader everything about your characters at the very beginning. For example, if I was writing a book about Jimmy I WOULD NOT say: Jimmy is a 10 year old boy who is a murderer that is going to go on a killing spree in this game that he was playing at his house in California.

Add detail. Don’t be broad, be specific. For example, The tiny mouse crawled out of a tiny hole in the wall. NOT: An animal came out of a space in my house.

I loved everything about Frances from her just talking and giving me tips from how she gives so much detail even when she talks.



Window Or Mirror?

Am I a window? Or am I a mirror? So first of all what are those two things? Well, this has to do something with reading. Do you like reading? When you read are you a window, where the book takes you into a entire different dimension, or are you a mirror, where the book isn’t very interesting or you are just not focusing on the book?

Me? Well I am both! I know it sounds really weird but actually its true. For me, it depends on the book. If I really enjoy the book I will be a window. But, if I don’t than I will be a mirror. For example, when I read a book called Also Known As Harper I will be a mirror because I don’t enjoy the book. But if I read a book called Look Both Ways I will be a window because I see the world come to life and I really enjoy reading that book.

My Daily Habit

I have two daily habits, softball and pull ups. Softball I only do 4 days a week: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And pull ups, I do everyday.

In my experience of doing a habit, I have learned that if I don’t do a daily habit for even one day, I won’t be able to do it as easily as if I did it every day.

I came over some challenges. One time I came over a challenge for pull ups is I wasn’t at home so when I did get back home from the trip my arms didn’t feel like doing pull ups. Another challenge is not being able to go to practice. This has not happened but, it is possible that it will occur.

There are some benefits for doing a daily habit. For example, I am stronger from doing pull ups. And another example is I am a lot better at softball than I was before.

I think if whoever doesn’t do their daily habit or just forgets to do it a lot, then they will start forgetting more often and soon just forget that you even have a daily habit. So, make sure to do your daily habit.

What Punctuation Am I ?

I think I am an exclamation point. I think this because I am loud. For example, on New Years, no matter how late we stay up, I am energized. I also can be loud in different ways. Like, what if I get scared? I would scream or yell super loud. Another example is if I am super happy or mad. If I am happy I could scream “YES!” or if I am mad I could scream something very bad. In my family, I can scream the loudest. I have a brother, that is how you know I scream LOUD. To me, an exclamation point is something or someone that is loud. Because of all my examples, and I think you would agree, I am an exclamation point.


Daily Habit

Habits can be good. Habits can be bad. These habits are good ones. My three habits are playing softball, pull-ups, and calming my self down. Every day I do at least one daily habit. Some days I have softball and calming. Other days I have pull-ups and softball or pull-ups and calming.

To make sure you keep your daily habit going you have to do it every day. Think about what you are doing, make it fun, and do it right. My habit that I mostly enjoy is softball. I love softball.

My habit is important to me because I have been working on gaining muscular and mental strength. I think all my daily habits helps with that. My goals by the end of the year are be able to do at least 5 pull-ups, be able to hit the ball over the fence, and have a lot of mental strength.

Every day I do a daily habit. I practice and work hard. Sometimes I get hurt. On the picture above is the month January. Each day I fill in a different day with the color of what I did.

The Three Wishes

I made and illustrated this comic, based on a story called Three Wishes.

This story is about a man who goes to cut down a tree to get wood for the fire. He finds a beautiful tree. He starts to cut the tree when a fairy pops out and says, “ If you don’t cut down any other elderly tree I will grant you three wishes.” The man agrees and takes the wood home. He tells his wife.

”I am so hungry”, he says “I wish I had sausages.” Then a plate of sausages appears on the table. He walks over and then wishes for them to be on his wife’s nose, “Hey! Get this off my nose!” He laughs. They argue for pretty long. Then he ends up wishing for the sausages to be on the table where they were.

Moral: Nothing Good Ever Comes From Arguing

The man ends up wishing for what he already had.

The pictures you see above are drawn by hand. I hope you like it! Read the Three Wishes in my comic up above!

What I Like

One of my favorite things are dogs. I love dogs. I like how they can cuddle, exercise, and do a lot more. My favorite breed of dog is a Lemon Beagle. They are a type of beagle just they have lighter fur and droopy skin. I love dogs!

School During COVID-19

Right now a very bad global pandemic is happening. People have to wear face coverings out in public and schools are online. Except for my school. My school has something called hybrid. Its where we go to school for a few days then we have online school for a few days.

Okay, well I am hybrid. But, last week school was fully online. Every day we had calls for each of our classes. It was stressful indeed, but I also liked it because when I finished my work I could go play and do other stuff.

As much as I like going online school, I prefer hybrid because Online when you have a question I would have to e-mail my teacher and I wouldn’t get my answer right away. So, the assignment would become due and I would have no clue what to do about it. For hybrid, I could ask a question and I would get the answer right then and there.


If you do not know what gratitude is it is something you are grateful for or it is a feeling of kindness. I am so grateful that I have a nice school and I have a big house and I have everything I need to live. For example, I have things I don’t even need, a dog.

Happy Thanksgiving!