This year I have been keeping up with stocks. I thought stocks were really fun and I really enjoyed looking at how I gained or lost money. I had some good surprises and some not so good surprises. I learned that some companies that I thought were doing very well, aren’t. 

Here is a list of what I chose:


  • Amazon: Because it is a huge and successful company that everyone buys from
  • Netflix: Because it is also a huge company and a lot of people watch movies and shows from a subscription that they have to buy
  • Microsoft: Because they are expensive and have a lot of money
  • Nike: The people make really cool shoes and Nike is the most successful shoe company
  • Walmart: Because, like Amazon, it is a huge successful company. It’s kind of like an in person Amazon with not as much stuff as Amazon.
  • Starbucks: Who wouldn’t like a fresh coffee or a cake pop in the morning? So good and refreshing. Very successful


I loved all my choices and I ended up gaining $71.88. Not so good. Comment if you have ever invested in anything and what you’ve invested in.

Tree Books

I made a tree book with my class. This was so fun and at the end, when we were done, we showed our families and they loved it. It was fin doing all these new things and learning from a real artist! These are the steps on how to make thus awesome book:

  1. Screen Printing: Screen Printing is where we took a screen and put it over a piece of paper. The screen has text on it so when we rolled over it with the paint roller it printed down words on to the cardboard. This process was so fun. We could put the screen anyway we wanted to.
  2. Paper Folding: This was a pretty boring step because all we did was fold a really thick piece of paper. We had different styles. For example, hamburger is when you fold the paper in half and it has a long bottom and a short side. Then we had hot dog style. This is the opposite and the bottom was short and the sides were tall.
  3. Akua Ink Art: This has a very weird name. But, in this process we put a plant on a type of paper. Then, we rolled our paint roller on some jelly looking stuff. Lastly, we would rolled the painted paint roller over our plant and piece of paper. It turned out so cool.
  4. Collage: This step was the funnest. We could glue on pieces of paper to our tree books and make it look like a jungle. I added rain drops and a monkey to mine. I also added trees in my forest to make it look like an actual forest.
  5. Pockets: This step all we did was glue on our pockets, which were tiny envelopes. We got to camouflage them with some of our Akua Ink Art. I liked the camouflaging part the most.
  6. Salute To My Roots: This was also so fun. We got to write about people in our lives that made us better or who influenced us. I wrote about my parents because I think that they have changed my life and raised me to be a good person.
  7. Life List: This was also so fun. I wrote a list of all the things I want to accomplish in my entire life. I will check off everything that I do. One of the things I wrote on my Life List was that I want to find the cure for Cancer. It will probably not happen but I can try. You can put anything on the list.
  8. When This Is Over Poem: This poem had two parts. The first part was about what I will never take for granted ever again after COVID-19 is over. I wrote things like ‘I will never ever take for granted seeing my friends faces or feeling the breeze on my face at the beach’. The second part was things we Couldn’t have done during COVID-19.
  9. My Wish: This was one or two wishes that you have. One of the wishes I wrote were ‘I wish that I can help someone that really needs help’.
  10. Wishtree by Katherine Applegate: This book is so interesting. It has taught me so many things about life that I never even realized. Right now in the book Red (a tree) and Bongo (a crow) are trying to make to humans, Samar and Stephen, friends. They are failing right now. I think at the end of the book they are going to become friends with each other.
  11. Frank Gallery: Go check out all these pieces of art. All of them are so beautiful.

I want to thank Peg Gignoux for helping us with all of our art. Go check out what she makes here:

TED Talk

I made a TED Talk about How We Can Save The Environment. I had causes and effects. Most people put a paragraph or more on each slide but I put like then 1 sentence. On each slide I put a photo and a BLACK background. This will help the audience to not think that they have to read an entire paragraph. Trust me it helped me get better compliments and a better grade for my presentation.

When you are presenting, make sure you speak clearly, make eye contact with the audience and don’t stare at your note cards. That is how you make a bad presentation.  Not only should you speak clearly but make sure to speak loud. If your voice is quiet the audience might not even be able to hear you presenting.

Steps to make the TED Talk:

1) Decision: This is when you think about something you already know some about, because then you would have to start something new and it will take a lot longer to make. Make this topic something that effects your life and that you are passionate about.

2) Research: This is when you write down what you know and find out more about the topic. You can look things up on Wikipedia and add the link or look information up on Google and click on a site and find information there.

3) Slides: Add all of you information on note cards. Then in to Google slides find photos that fit with what you are talking about and organize them. Make sure to add the links. Don’t put more than 2 sentences on a slide.

4) Pictures: Add pictures that connect with what you are talking about.  Make sure the background behind the picture is black or the picture is in full bleed (which means taking up the full page). Add the links on to your citations slide.

5) Prepare: This is probably one of the most important steps. Make sure you present your full presentation to someone or to your self. Make sure to time yourself and see if you can make it longer if it is to long.

6) Present: In this step you will present your TED Talk. Be loud, so everyone can hear you. Be funny, so your talk is not boring. And be enthusiastic, to engage the audience. At the end thank your audience for listening and tell tour call of action. For example, my TED Talk was about the environment, so I would say: I want y’all to go home and pick up trash or not litter.

Now you are done. You did sooooo well. Answer any questions your audience has. Boom.


Frances Dowell Story



Click Up there to find more about Frances Dowell.

I wrote a story called The Fall. I have been working on that story for months now and finally finished it. I got some tips from Frances Dowell HERSELF that helped me a lot throughout my story.


Have sticks and stones. That means have a big problem and some small tiny problems

Don’t tell the reader everything about your characters at the very beginning. For example, if I was writing a book about Jimmy I WOULD NOT say: Jimmy is a 10 year old boy who is a murderer that is going to go on a killing spree in this game that he was playing at his house in California.

Add detail. Don’t be broad, be specific. For example, The tiny mouse crawled out of a tiny hole in the wall. NOT: An animal came out of a space in my house.

I loved everything about Frances from her just talking and giving me tips from how she gives so much detail even when she talks.



Window Or Mirror?

Am I a window? Or am I a mirror? So first of all what are those two things? Well, this has to do something with reading. Do you like reading? When you read are you a window, where the book takes you into a entire different dimension, or are you a mirror, where the book isn’t very interesting or you are just not focusing on the book?

Me? Well I am both! I know it sounds really weird but actually its true. For me, it depends on the book. If I really enjoy the book I will be a window. But, if I don’t than I will be a mirror. For example, when I read a book called Also Known As Harper I will be a mirror because I don’t enjoy the book. But if I read a book called Look Both Ways I will be a window because I see the world come to life and I really enjoy reading that book.

My Daily Habit

I have two daily habits, softball and pull ups. Softball I only do 4 days a week: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And pull ups, I do everyday.

In my experience of doing a habit, I have learned that if I don’t do a daily habit for even one day, I won’t be able to do it as easily as if I did it every day.

I came over some challenges. One time I came over a challenge for pull ups is I wasn’t at home so when I did get back home from the trip my arms didn’t feel like doing pull ups. Another challenge is not being able to go to practice. This has not happened but, it is possible that it will occur.

There are some benefits for doing a daily habit. For example, I am stronger from doing pull ups. And another example is I am a lot better at softball than I was before.

I think if whoever doesn’t do their daily habit or just forgets to do it a lot, then they will start forgetting more often and soon just forget that you even have a daily habit. So, make sure to do your daily habit.

What Punctuation Am I ?

I think I am an exclamation point. I think this because I am loud. For example, on New Years, no matter how late we stay up, I am energized. I also can be loud in different ways. Like, what if I get scared? I would scream or yell super loud. Another example is if I am super happy or mad. If I am happy I could scream “YES!” or if I am mad I could scream something very bad. In my family, I can scream the loudest. I have a brother, that is how you know I scream LOUD. To me, an exclamation point is something or someone that is loud. Because of all my examples, and I think you would agree, I am an exclamation point.


Daily Habit

Habits can be good. Habits can be bad. These habits are good ones. My three habits are playing softball, pull-ups, and calming my self down. Every day I do at least one daily habit. Some days I have softball and calming. Other days I have pull-ups and softball or pull-ups and calming.

To make sure you keep your daily habit going you have to do it every day. Think about what you are doing, make it fun, and do it right. My habit that I mostly enjoy is softball. I love softball.

My habit is important to me because I have been working on gaining muscular and mental strength. I think all my daily habits helps with that. My goals by the end of the year are be able to do at least 5 pull-ups, be able to hit the ball over the fence, and have a lot of mental strength.

Every day I do a daily habit. I practice and work hard. Sometimes I get hurt. On the picture above is the month January. Each day I fill in a different day with the color of what I did.

The Three Wishes

I made and illustrated this comic, based on a story called Three Wishes.

This story is about a man who goes to cut down a tree to get wood for the fire. He finds a beautiful tree. He starts to cut the tree when a fairy pops out and says, “ If you don’t cut down any other elderly tree I will grant you three wishes.” The man agrees and takes the wood home. He tells his wife.

”I am so hungry”, he says “I wish I had sausages.” Then a plate of sausages appears on the table. He walks over and then wishes for them to be on his wife’s nose, “Hey! Get this off my nose!” He laughs. They argue for pretty long. Then he ends up wishing for the sausages to be on the table where they were.

Moral: Nothing Good Ever Comes From Arguing

The man ends up wishing for what he already had.

The pictures you see above are drawn by hand. I hope you like it! Read the Three Wishes in my comic up above!