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This year I have been keeping up with stocks. I thought stocks were really fun and I really enjoyed looking at how I gained or lost money. I had some good surprises and some not so good surprises. I learned that some companies that I thought were doing very well, aren’t. 

Here is a list of what I chose:


  • Amazon: Because it is a huge and successful company that everyone buys from
  • Netflix: Because it is also a huge company and a lot of people watch movies and shows from a subscription that they have to buy
  • Microsoft: Because they are expensive and have a lot of money
  • Nike: The people make really cool shoes and Nike is the most successful shoe company
  • Walmart: Because, like Amazon, it is a huge successful company. It’s kind of like an in person Amazon with not as much stuff as Amazon.
  • Starbucks: Who wouldn’t like a fresh coffee or a cake pop in the morning? So good and refreshing. Very successful


I loved all my choices and I ended up gaining $71.88. Not so good. Comment if you have ever invested in anything and what you’ve invested in.